Brick & Mortar Repairs or Restoration

Phipps Masonry is the leading brick repair specialist in the area. We specialize in crack repairs and replacing broken brick due to deterioration, foundation settling, vehicle damage, and plumbing repair damage. These repairs involve several important details to insure they are both professional looking and long lasting.


Determining the Scope of Work.

The first critical step in any repair is to properly identify what needs to be done. A Phipps Masonry Project Manager can meet with you and help you determine a reasonable scope of work, based on your needs and wishes. Your desire to simply improve the appearance of your brick may alone determine your needs. Although some minor imperfections in your brickwork may be normal wear and tear and considered harmless, delaying repairs could allow damage to other components of your home. For example, broken brick and cracked mortar joints wider than 1/16” (Can you insert a dime in the crack?) not only look bad, but can also allow water penetration with resulting damage to other construction materials behind the wall. We can help you prioritize any necessary brick repair issues and give you a free emailed estimate for restoring your home’s brickwork to its original (or even improved) beauty and function.



Brick Doctor was hired to repair this poorly matched mortar repair.

Proper Brick Matching is essential. Damaged, cracked, or severely deteriorated brick should almost always be sawed out of the wall and replaced with new units. If you don’t have extra matching bricks, leave it to us to find the best available match. Our expertise in finding or creating special colors and textures is critical to the process. Trust us, “Brick that don’t match will look like a patch.” Many of our projects include re-doing such repairs performed by others. 


Here are more tips on brick and mortar matching.

Here the mismatched mortar has been ground out and replaced with a much better match.

Repairing Mortar. The technique for repairing mortar properly, or “repointing,” is similar to a dentist’s repair on a tooth’s cavity—the doctor doesn’t simply fill the cavity in a one-step procedure.  Voids and deteriorated or cracked mortar joints must first be ground or chiseled out to a minimum depth of 5/8” and the cavity cleaned out thoroughly. Mortar should be custom-blended to match existing, without using unauthorized additives. Any additive should first be approved by a proper governing authority to insure that it meets industry standards for strength and durability. (For further details, go to Brick Institute of America site at, and then go to technical notes, mortar, additives).



This typical crack through brick and mortar in a masonry wall was caused by minor foundation settling.

When brick crack repairs are completed properly, the repair blends in well with the existing brick and mortar.


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